Frequent Questions

My organization has less than 1,000 members. Can I still use Circumscribe?

Yes. Circumscribe has been developed for any size organization.

My organization uses another program to manage members. Can I switch to Circumscribe?

Yes. Circumscribe can import any existing file(s) to our database, and employs top level programmers to insure data integrity.

What are the benefits to Cirumscribe?

Circumscribe utilizes a centralized, cloud-based database architecture. This means that all your data is accessible from any location, on any device, using encrypted and secured portals. Managing your membership and vital communication functions are all within the same portal, and in most cases, only require a few clicks to retrieve or execute a command.

Is there a cost to use Circumscribe?

Yes. Circumscribe is made available to your organization through a yearly subscription program. Each program price schedule varies by the number of members within your organization.

Can I obtain a quote for my organization?

Yes. Your interest and exploration of our products and applications will be handled directly by our Managing Partners, and will be given personal attention.

How extensive is the background screening?

Circumscribe utilizes the largest criminal database to execute a National Background Check on your prospective members, and returns any information obtained concerning criminal activity and history. In some cases, further information is required, in which case, we are happy to assist our clients to ensure proper screening.

Do I have to manage how members receive communications from Circumscribe?

No. Your members will have access to manage their own profiles, of which will include how they desire to receive communications. As an administrator of your organization, you will compose messages on one screen, and deploy the communication. Circumscribe will filter how that communication is sent to your members by their preferences.